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  3. Seven vulnerable parts of automobiles to be maintained

    Date of release:2019-04-11 Author: Click:

    Vehicles experience more or less symptoms after days of storms and long-distance bumps, just like people who suffer from overwork may become ill. When the long vacation is over and the journey comes back, we need to test the seven parts below the car.

    Check the appearance and paint. The appearance described here includes the body surface and all the parts you can see. As high-speed driving inevitably bumps into small bouncing stones on the road surface, causing damage to the paint surface, then the inspection method is to thoroughly wash the car, and then around the vehicle for two laps, carefully observe whether there are scratches on the paint surface and other parts are not damaged.

    After a long journey, some wheels will appear obvious scars, excessive wear or "trauma". At this time, depending on the specific situation, you can choose to replace the spare tire and go to 4S shop for further inspection as soon as possible. In addition, after a long period of turbulence, tire positioning may fail. At this time, the most prominent feature is that the vehicle will run off and jump. If this happens, it also needs to be checked in 4S shop.

    Checking engine oil is a common phenomenon after long-distance driving. If you forget the label of adding oil before, don't blindly add new oil at this time, because the mixed use of different label oil may cause adverse consequences. Experts said that the correct way is to select the same label to add after the original oil label is clear. If your maintenance time is approaching, then simply clean the original oil and add new oil.

    Inspection of internal components after a long journey engine compartment parts need to focus on inspection, it is the "air filter". If you travel with more dust than in the city, the air filter may absorb too much dust during this period, and if the dust enters the engine, it will cause the wear of all parts of the engine; if the air filter is blocked, it will cause the engine intake to be blocked and power to decline. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the air filter and check it.

    Inspect the brake system to visualize the surface of the brake disc through the aluminium alloy ring of the tire. The surface of the brake disc was originally smooth, if there were obvious grooves, it might be that when the vehicle was driving on the gravel road, some fine sand and stone were stuck between the brake disc and the fender, constantly rubbing the surface of the brake disc, so there were grooves. When this happens, the vehicle may emit a "when, when" sound when it is moving, and in some cases, a scream can be heard instantaneously.

    Check chassis owners to recall whether they scraped chassis during driving. At the same time, comparing whether there are obvious changes before and after the car-loving vacation, if chassis abnormal noise, steering wheel shaking, oil stains and other phenomena occur in the parking position of the vehicle, it means that the chassis has been damaged. This is because some parts of the chassis are deformed after the road obstacles scratch the chassis, especially the upper and lower swing arms, left and right direction pull rods and so on. Some slight scratches can also cause slight leakage of oil pan or corrugated tank oil pan, which can not be detected in time by the owner's own inspection. It is suggested to go to 4S shop to do professional chassis anti-rust care or spray paint to do a chassis "armor" to prevent future damage.

    Check the whole car glass and you'll be surprised when it comes to glass maintenance. What maintenance can glass have besides washing with water? In fact, glass maintenance is very knowledgeable, not all problems can be solved by rinsing with clean water. For example, the glass may not be visible to the naked eye after being greased, but wiper wiper wiper wiping efficiency will be greatly reduced, at this time it is necessary to use degreasing detergent to remove these oils. There are also those permanent scratches on windshield caused by the inclusion of gravel in wipers and the trauma caused by the impact of stones on the glass, so we can not ignore the detection of the whole car glass.

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